The following view in these photos is the whole produced process for our daily work record.We really expect more and more clients could have a look at and know about Hoole,and promote cooperation for each other.

 Company Prospects  Company Reception  Corner Of Office
 Sample Room  Plywood Material Plywood Material In The Sun 
 Warehouse Of Plywood Material   HDF Material  Warehouse Of HDF Material
 Modifing Plywood  Polishing Plywood

Cutting HDF

 The First Molded  Making Veneer  Cutting Veneer
 Sticking Plywood Veneer The Second Molded The Molded Completed For Plywood
 Sticking HDF Veneer  The Molded Completed For HDF

Cutting The Edge Of Door Skin

 Finished Product  Fully Inspection For Plywood

Fully Inspection For HDF

 Packing Workroom

Plywood In Bulk

 Package Plywood In Plate
 Package HDF In Plate  Loading Container For 1/2 Finished Loading